10 Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying an Aluminum Boat

  • What grade of aluminum is best for you? To see if you need the more expensive grade of aluminum go to our ALUMINUM FACTS page.
  • How does the manufacturer plan on building your hull? Manufacturers can use a method that can lead to structural failure and corrosion inside the hull. Find out what method promotes failure and corrosion by reading our HULL DESIGN page, and also discover the alternate, better method.
  • Is the hull welded continuously both inside and outside? By being welded inside and out, the connection between the plates is stronger and withstands impact better, and does not allow corrosion to build up in the open seam.
  • How is the manufacturer going to attach the fuel tank cover? Will it be bolted down or welded? Any repairs needed to the fuel tank will be accomplished more safely, quickly and cost effectively if the cover has been bolted down rather than welded. 
  • Should a self-bailing deck require an electric bilge pump? No, a properly functioning self-bailing deck should not require an electric bilge pump which will drain the battery.
  • Are fuel fittings welded into the deck, or sealed with caulking? For a completely water-tight deck, we weld our fuel fittings into the deck.  Click here to see a close up image.
  • Are there any open holes that will allow water to enter the hull of the boat? For example, holes that pass electrical and engine cables. At Ironwood Boats, we weld a 4" tube under the deck.  This keeps the water out of the hull and allows plenty of room to add or remove cables and wiring.
  • Are all the fasteners stainless steel? Yes, they should be.
  • Does the manufacturer use a corrosion inhibitor on all fasteners and electrical fittings, such as Tef-Gel? By ensuring the fasteners and electrical fittings don't corrode, it is easier to remove such parts as the console, engine, stainless steel railings, etc.
  • Guarantee/Warranty offered? If the urethane foam in your hull was to corrode or waterlog the hull in 10 years, will the manufacturer replace the hull? When a manufacturer offers a guarantee/warranty you need to check the fine print to see what is actually guaranteed/warranted. In many cases you'll find that it isn't as comprehensive as you've been led to believe. As well, you'll want to find out in detail what actions can void the guarantee/warranty. Many times a guarantee/warranty can mean very little.

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